Complete Centenary Memorabilia Protection And An Elegant Display

February 04, 2015 Joy Brealey

There’s no doubt about it that the centenary commemoration for Armistice Day 2014 was one of spectacular significance and one that brought the nation together.

A total of 888,246 people all around the country are cherishing the real impact of the artistic creations from Tom Piper and Paul Cummings.

Paul Cummings is the ceramic artist who had the vision and talent to make a terrific contribution to the centenary, but with the magnitude of the project, there was no way one man could pull of a challenge of this scale.

Artistic volunteers were excited to get on board and remarkably - every single volunteer who hand-crafted the ceramic poppies; all had a personal story attaching them to the First World War.

Each of the ceramic poppies were hand crafted by people who were thinking of their loved ones who lost their lives in WW1.

Asides from the artistic volunteers, there were an additional 17,500+ strong team who planted and picked the poppy’s at the Tower of London Moat.

At the Tower of London moat, each of the volunteers worked as part of a team of thirty, just as an army platoon would.

Anyone who volunteered would probably agree that the pictures don’t do the exhibit any justice. You had to be a part of it to experience not just the breathtaking view, but also the poignancy the exhibit conjured.

Many of the volunteers were fortunate enough to be able to get their own piece of First World War Memorabilia.

Today each of those personal ceramic poppy’s have a place in a home around the country, with each person who owns one having their own story behind their poppy.

It’s an historic event that touches millions of our lives.

Display is only one part of the remarkable memorabilia, but the real honour for the owners is what the poppy represents.

Showcasing it, safeguarding it, and displaying it to its full beauty with accompanying Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red Certificate is what everyone wants to do with them, and there a number of ways to do that.

Looking around online, you will find some poppy display cases, stands, and wooden block stands, alongside many other ideas for display.

Those are great ways to display the ceramic poppy, but for protection combined with an elegant display, there is no better way than to “box frame” the poppy and the certificate that goes along with it.

Framing them both together are the only way to protect your certificate, resembling the real significance of the poppy for life, which is why there is a surge in demand for Poppy frames.

Whilst the ceramic poppy will last for generations, because of the nature of ceramics, it’s important to remember that the certificate that came with your poppy is just like any other picture and certificate, or anything made of degradable materials.

They need protection from the elements of air, heat, and other properties that will cause the certificate to degrade in quality.

That’s why you need to protect it with a high quality glass and acid free core.

Art glass provides your frame with 65% UV protection and is so clear that when you look at it, you wouldn’t know the frame has a glass covering. It’s crystal clear and you only know it’s there when you try to reach in to touch the poppy.